20 Warning Signs Your Kidneys Send You

1. Back pain

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One of the first noticeable signs you might have a kidney issue is having back pain. Since your kidneys are actually higher up in your abdomen underneath your ribcage, a kidney infection can cause intense pain in the middle to upper back area, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Depending on the severity of the infection, this pain can also spread to the abdomen and groin. 

2. Side pain

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Kidney stones, which are hard deposits of salt and minerals that form inside the kidney, can be extremely painful when they pass through the ureter and bladder. In fact, according to Los Angeles-based urologist S. Adam Ramin, MD, the pain is often “compared to [that] of childbirth.” The Mayo Clinic says that you’ll know the pain you’re experiencing is from kidney stones when it’s in your side and back and comes in waves, not unlike a kidney infection.

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