Be Aware of Cat Behavior Problems

What would you do when your cute kitten suddenly becomes a biting and scratching monster cat? It happens most of the time. Most of us live in the fantasy-fed delusion of cute cats we see on TV and film; think Felix, Garfield, Puss in Boots and the like. But no one has really put enough thought in understanding cat behavior problems.

The key to understanding cat behavior problems is not about identifying their erratic habits such as excessive meowing, biting, destructive (even painful) scratching. Rather, it is having owners that recognize their needs. It’s undeniable: cats are attention-seeking animals. Therefore, if owners are able to appreciate their feline pets, then they can easily identify solutions to the problems.

There are several times that we misinterpret cats. Their simple acts of excessive playing – such as biting or clawing – are often misunderstood as one of the cat behavior problems. However, we never realize that it is just their way to get you playing with them. However, these excessive playing might become the initial reason of real cat behavior problems coming out. For example, they are staring at their reflection in the mirror and they find it a bit playful. But once they unmindfully find their own behaviors as annoying, they start scratching or yelling on their reflection more.

To solve this kind of problems, you may need to put the cat in another room for it to get over its aggressiveness it has shown. Give it another toy to play with or just put it in an empty room without any toy to play with. This technique will calm the cat down and will prevent it to do more scratching or jumping on your beloved furniture.

Another act that is considered as one of the most pressing cat behavior problems is territorial aggression. Your cat might be very irresistible, causing your visitors to want to touch its smooth hair. However, because the cat is not used to the presence of your guests, it might do some scratching – or worse, some grave biting. This will not only harm your visitor, but will also cause you to shell out some money to have your visitor injected with anti-rabies, just in case your cat has it or just in case your visitor demands to have it. This will really be painful in the pocket because a single anti-rabies shot is already too expensive, what more if it has caused damage to most of your visitors in a party?

Another one is the cat’s violent behavior against another animal. This is going to be one of the most unusual cat behavior problems because this might harm you, the owner. Once the cat initiates or is threatened to have a fight with another animal and does not fulfill it because of its distance or restrictions it experiences from another animal, it might end up having you as an instrument to release its anger. This behavior is called as redirected aggression.

However, you as an owner must also understand that animals experience pain sometimes. They cannot express their sufferings explicitly, therefore, they might show this through bad cat behaviors or aggressiveness. The easiest way to overcome this problem is to have your cat medically examined every three months. Any suffering may be moderately reduced because you know what is wrong with your cat and you will be able to provide it with its medical needs.

Read more about cat behavior problems to further understand the environmental, physical, medical and other major needs of your pet. Remember, there are no bad cats – only unaware owners.