Top Rarest And Most Unique Cat Breeds

Unique personalities, mesmerizing movements, and lovely long whiskers! Cat people, this one is definitely for you. Dog lovers beware, this slideshow might not be your cup of tea… Or it might be precisely what you need to change how you feel about cats. So stick around and feel free to enjoy each and every one of these slides, featuring some of the lesser-known cat breeds in the world. What could be more purrfect?

10. Bengal

Let’s start our slideshow by talking about a cat breed known for enjoying something that other cats don’t. We bet you didn’t know that Bengals really like being around water! Yes, you’ve read it correctly, they love spending time in the water.Bengals are also known for being quite intelligent. They can learn how to do several tricks, such as opening doors or turning light switches on and off. They are also able to learn how to solve puzzles! Isn’t that amazing?

09. Peterbald

This next breed may not be for those who only love furry felines. Let’s meet the Peterbald. This large-eared feline possesses a unique characteristic: a quite noticeable lack of hair. Even though some of them are born with little hair, they tend to lose it over time.
Peterbalds are great with children and really enjoy being surrounded by other pets, so if you’re doubting whether you should adopt one or not, go for it! If you want to see some other hairless felines, make sure you keep sliding!

08. Teacup Persian

This cat is actually not an official separate breed, due to the fact that these felines are simply Persian cats that don’t get to grow very large in size. This being said, the Teacup Persian is one of the smallest types of cats that you can find.
There’s no doubt that they are the cutest. However, there are certain things to consider. Not only are they extremely hard to find, but also quite difficult to handle, due to their many serious health issues.

07. Russian Blue

Have you ever seen a cat so grey that it almost looks blue when the right kind of light hits it? If you have, it must have been the Russian Blue. This cat is commonly known for being hypoallergenic. However, that’s not entirely true.
While many people with allergies choose the Russian Blue as their pet, it is important to know that this kitty does produce low levels of the allergenic protein that makes your skin itch and your eyes water. So beware!

06. Pixie Bob

This breed owes its existence to a cat breeder named Carol Ann Brewer, who rescued a cat who had a bobtail and was reported to have been sired by a bobcat. That cat later mated with a neighbor’s cat and many adorable kittens were born.
Little did she know that that was going to be the origin of this smart cat, right? One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Pixie Bobcat is that its personality is very “dog-like”. They just thrive on love and affection!

05. Minskin

We promised you another hairless kitty, and here it is! Let’s meet the Minskin, a rare offspring between a Munchkin and a Sphinx. With very short legs and a quite stocky body, it’s no surprise that its name is a combination of the words “miniature” and “skin”.
Unlike the Peterbald, the Munchkin’s coat is actually hypoallergenic, which makes this cat the perfect fit for anyone who struggles with allergies and is desperately seeking for a pet. But we must admit that they look quite strange, don’t they?

04. Lambkin

This next breed is pretty similar to the Munchkin, with a minor difference only: their fur looks pretty similar to the wool of a lamb. Hence the word “lamb” on their name.
Did you know that this breed is quite new? The Lambkin has been around since 1990, so very little is known about it yet. What we know so far is that this breed is very outgoing and playful, though they’re equally happy if you only want to cuddle with them for a while.

03. Lykoi

Also known as the werewolf cat, the Lykoi is a cat known for having a body covered in hair yet a hairless face. Scientists have been trying for a while to find out what makes the Lykoi have this hair distribution, but they have yet to discover the reason. Weird, huh?
Even though the Lykoi looks like a not-so-friendly wild animal, its personality is quite the opposite. This feline is not only very sweet and loving but also very intelligent. So you know what they say: don’t judge a cat by its cover!

02. LaPerm

Another hypoallergenic kitty for you! This is another somewhat new cat breed that emerged around 1980 as a spontaneous mutation of cats that were bred for pest control in Oregon. The coat of a LaPerm cat varies in length and comes in all colors.
This curly-coated cat has a lovely personality. It’s not only friendly and loving but also curious, so if you choose to give one of these kitties a home, be ready to find it snooping around. They’re so furry that you won’t be able to take your hands off them!

01. Donskoy

The Donskoy was recognized by the World Cat Federation in 1997 and by The International Cat Association in 2005, so it’s pretty right to say that this breed is one of the latest you can find. But what’s so special about them?
These cats are friendly and very intelligent, so if you’re into teaching tricks, they are very likely to learn them. They enjoy receiving affection from humans and are very loyal. However, they might not be suitable to be around other cats, due to their jealous nature.

0. Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese Bobtail is known for having a genetic short tail. We all know that cats need to use their tails in order to be able to jump, so the first thing that comes to our mind is that these cats are not able to jump, because of their really short tails. Right?
Think again! Because these kitties are actually quite athletic and agile, and their tiny tails don’t prevent them from jumping from one place to another.