Caring for Cats – Getting Ready for Your New Cat

Caring for cats is not rocket science but it does pay to make a few preparations before bringing a cat into your home for the first time.

Whether it is a young kitten just weaned from its mother or an older cat being re-homed it is bound to be apprehensive and nervous. Some advanced planning will help the cat or kitten to settle into its new home.

Once a cat settles into a home it will usually select its own sleeping place but when it first arrives it is a good idea to have a basket for it to sleep in. A blanket on the base will make it more comfortable and the sides of the basket help to make the pet feel more secure.

No matter what the age of the cat you should not let it wander outside in the first week or two for fear of it getting lost. This means that you should invest in a litter tray and a supply of litter. You must make sure that the cat or kitten knows where the litter tray is and you may have to train your pet to use it.

Obviously you will need to get a supply of suitable food for your cat. There is a wide range available some of which is specially formulated for kittens, active or older cats. In time you will discover which type of food, dry, packet or tinned food it likes but initially especially for younger cats the packet foods could be best. Cats also need a good supply of water and this should be changed at least twice a day. You will also need suitable bowls for both food and drink and again you will need to show the cat where these will be.

Before you allow your cat out of the house for the first time you will need to give it a collar that carries either a disc or other identifying information. In time it is advisable to have your cat micro chipped but even then a collar and disc are still a good idea so that if it is lost anyone finding it can easily tell where to return it.

Once you have you kitten or cat you will need to take it to the vets for a check up and inoculations and for this you will need a secure cat carry basket. These can be purchased from your local pet shop as can a few toys and possibly a scratching post to keep the cat occupied.