Cat Behavior Problems – A Cat Behavior Training Crash Course

As a cat owner, you already know that there is more to cats than the cuddly and lovable furballs we all know. Sometimes your cute cat can be a huge problem to the household too; Scratching furniture, breaking knick-knacks and ornaments, and ruining your stockings are just a few things that misbehaving cats can do.

There are reasons for cat behavior problems and by being aware of these reasons, you can be capable of helping your cat behave. Here are some things about cats which cause behavior problems, together with tips on how to help your cat behave.

1. Cats misbehave when they are bored.

When cats don’t have much to do, they have a habit of doing obnoxious things around the house. This may be caused by them looking for attention, or they may just need something to do to get rid of some pent up energy. Whatever the case may be, these behaviors can be solved by setting aside specific time periods for you and your cat to play. Remember not to play immediately after your cat has been misbehaving because your cat will associate its misbehavior with you giving it more attention.

2. Cats are nocturnal animals.

Cats are more active during the night hours because they can do more exciting activities at this time. Knowing that your cat is more active at night, play with your cat and keep her busy in the morning hours. By doing this, your cat will be too exhausted to do things when it is time for you to sleep.

3. Cats misbehave more if they are not spayed or neutered.

You can expect more cat behavior problems when your cat goes into heat. Expect a lot of misbehavior for cats who are confined inside their homes when this happens! Get your cat spayed or neutered to alleviate these types of problems.

4. Cats mistake your reaction to its misbehavior.

Owners usually get upset when their pets misbehave, but they are not real clear in showing their pets that they do not approve of the bad behavior. When owners are not real clear when they reprimand their cats for misbehaving, cats think that their owners just want to play with them. You must be clear with your reactions to bad behavior. If your cat misbehaves, you need to make it clear that it is a punishment and not a game.

Remember that cats seek rewards and they will avoid punishment. Do not make misbehaving enjoyable to your cat by giving it a lot of attention when she is misbehaving. By associating punishment with misbehaving, cats learn what behavior is not acceptable.

5. Cats enjoy playing with certain items in your house.

There are certain objects that cats love around the house. It may be a curtain, a pillow, a couch, or any object they take a liking to. The good thing is they hate certain smells too. You can buy a spray with an unpleasant smell on those things to keep cats away.

By being aware of what causes cat behavior problems, owners have more chances to correct these bad habits and behaviors!