It’s Domain Name Madness!

Try to keep up with the domain name extension game and you’ll go mad!

A domain name extension is the .com, .net and .org suffix. It is a guide post directing traffic, Internet traffic that is. It is like the Court, Street, Lane or Highway suffix used for your home or business address.

The list of what is known as TLD (Top Level Domains) keeps getting longer. Remember when all you had to concern yourself with was a short list of extensions? If a web address or URL had anything but a .com, .net or .org, most people would just overlook it, but not any more.

Here is the list of current generic top-level domains:

.aero various categories of the air travel industry

.asia various organizations in Asia, Australia and the Pacific

.biz business person or entity may register here

.cat related to the Catalan language or culture

.com any person or entity can register here

.coop cooperatives as defined in the Rochdale Principles

.edu used almost exclusively by U.S. colleges and universities

.gov governmental agencies in the United States

.info any person or entity can register

.int international organizations only by treaty may use this extension

.jobs may be added after the names of established companies with jobs to advertise online

.mil limited for use by the U.S. Military

.mobi used for mobile compatible sites

.museum used by a verified legitimate museum

.name used by individuals or entity

.net network suffix can be used by anyone

.org organization suffix anyone can register

.pro reserved for licensed professionals like lawyers or doctors

.tel Internet communication services

.travel used by travel related entities

The consumer needs to pay attention to how suffix extensions are used. Scam artists have been known to register .edu name extensions for their illegitimate purposes.

There are more! is a domain name registry that offers the following extensions: .agent, .art, .auction, .chat, .church, .club, .family, .free, .game, .golf, .inc, .law, .llc, .llp, .love, .ltd, .med, .mp3, .school, .scifi, .shop, .tech, .video,

You can now get extensions in six languages! You will need to download a domain name decoder so your browser can recognize the names. Makes me wonder just how popular these “unusual” name extensions will be.

GoDaddy now recognizes 73 name extensions.

You may be thinking about picking up one of these unusual domain name extensions until you try to find a way for your potential customer base to remember it. If your customers can’t remember what extension to use, you are never going to see their traffic to your website.

Stick with the easy to remember extensions and you’ll do just fine.