Natural Remedies for Cats With Heartworms

Heartworms are deadly parasites that can develop from mosquito bites. They live in the right side of the heart and arteries of the lungs and cause the arteries to become blocked. Breathing becomes difficult and can even lead to heart failure.

Heartworms are thin, long worms. They can reach 30cm in length and tend to live in cats for up to three years. Common symptoms of a heartworm infestation include coughing, rapid or laboured breathing, weight loss and loss of appetite, fatigue and lethargy.

The disease can be treated with conventional or natural remedies for cats. A cat suffering from heartworms must also be treated for anaemia and heart disease.

Conventional treatment

There are a number of conventional oral and topical heartworm treatments available which help to prevent the larvae from developing into adult heartworms. These are typically administered once per month. However, these treatments have side effects such as vomiting, convulsions and diarrhoea and have been linked to serious disorders such as liver and kidney disease, arthritis and skin allergies. They also tend to weaken the cat’s immune system.

Natural remedies for cats with heartworms

Natural remedies for cats are an effective alternative to treating heartworms in cats. These remedies are very safe to give to your cat. They are herbal in nature and they benefit your cat twofold. They work very well in eradicating the parasites that cause the disease, cleanse the blood, support the immune system and promote overall health and well-being.

There are quite a few herbs suitable for treating heartworms in cats. To expel the worms grate one garlic clove into a cup of skimmed milk and simmer for three minutes. Give one dropperful, three times a day of this infusion. Also prepare a tisane (herbal tea) of thyme, stinging nettle, marigold and chouchgrass and give two dropperfuls, three times a day. Use fresh herbs for this.

Bathe the heart three times as day in an infusion of chamomile and wormwood. Soak a flannel in the warm solution and hold to the heart for half a minute a time. Do this for 3-4 minutes, then put on a compress of Swedish bitters. Keep moist and change three times a day.

Also feed three pills per day made of wild garlic leaves ans sprinkle the leaves into the food. Herbal pills made of chopped rosemary, eucalyptus, cayenne, horehound and pumpkin seeds are also beneficial.

Dietary supplements

Feed chopped carrot, beetroot, horseradish, onions and watercress. Add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to any meat you feed and also give half a kelp tablet each day.

Preventative measures

Prevention of the disease is the best thing you can do for your cat. There are a few steps to can take to assure that your cat will have a long and healthy heartworm-free life.

The first thing you must do is to ensure that your cat is not tempting to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes love fats, sugars, eggs, creamy milk and sugars, so cut down on these foods during the mosquito season.

Provide your cat with a healthy diet to boost its immune system. A diet rich with raw foods and plenty of fresh water is the best way to prevent all types of infection. Add small amounts of like yeast and garlic to the food to ward off mosquitoes.

Certain herbs have proven to be effective natural remedies for cats for preventing mosquito bites. Give your cat pungent herbs in pills, tisanes or chopped into food that are offensive to mosquitoes such as celery seed, garlic, sage, coriander, rosemary, thyme, wormwood, cayenne, onion or ginger.

Use a natural insect repellent such as citronella oil to ward off mosquitoes. If you live in a mosquito-infested area, keep your cat indoors in the late afternoon and evenings to avoid mosquito bites.

Heartworms are a serious disease that has the potential to be fatal for your cat if you don’t treat it. So have your cat checked out if you suspect that it might have the condition, and ask your vet about natural remedies for cats with heartworms.